Video Conferencing for Small & Mid Sized Businesses - simple, affordable and efficient. 

Equipping small rooms and huddles spaces with video conferencing and collaboration technologies doesn't have to break the bank. Technology has evolved - conferencing solutions aren't any longer affordable only for larger, global  businesses.


Budget-friendly and low cost conferencing systems are now a reality - easily accessible for small & medium business.


The propagation of lower cost video solutions, systems/hardware designed for smaller spaces, and cloud based virtual meeting spaces with low capital investment offer wide choices for small meeting rooms and huddles spaces, which are ideal for start-ups and mid sized businesses.


Not only do reduce floorspace utilisation, but also blend well with open-plan and informal work environments common to many small businesses / start-ups.

  • Eliminate the hindrances caused by geographic locations

  • Cut your employees travel time and cost - introduce flexible working options (work-from-home, part-time employees etc.) for your employees more effectively. 

  • Fully scalable options, that allow you to deploy small today and scale up as you grow. 

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Budget-friendly and Low cost Video Conferencing: the difference?


Yes there is a difference, which Small Businesses often end up paying for if not well advised. Whether your meeting/conference rooms are small or not, you need an engineer to advise on the specifications that are right for your business.


Often low-cost conferencing and collaboration solutions are bundled up for small businesses, which either fail to fully serve your purpose and therefore ignored and neglected, or cost your business in unforeseen setup and running costs.

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Budget-friendly conferencing solutions take into account the specific details of your business, your people, physical characteristics of the meeting spaces, and the objectives of your video conferencing project.


They will not be as cheap as the low-cost options, but will serve every objective you set out with, and at the same time meet all your expectations as well as your budget.


Give us a call to talk about your requirements. We'll arrange a site visit and advise you on the right budget-friendly video conferencing solutions you genuinely need, and not something cheap which you don't need.


Cloud & Virtual Conferencing Hardware for Small Business

Gone are the days of high, unjustifiable costs associated with video conferencing, which many small and midsized businesses have struggled with – not to mention the bandwidth requirements, dedicated server space and equipment maintenance.

With video conferencing over the cloud, you can effectively circumvent those requirements without any compromise on video and audio quality of conference calls.


Effectively, you avail the benefits of conferencing without owning your own large MCU’s and network infrastructure, and without the upfront cost of owning the equipment.

Cloud-based video conferencing enables your small business to:

  • Improved face-to-face communication with clients, customers & colleagues anytime, anywhere.

  • Access the experience, resources from experienced & dedicated video conferencing expert

  • Easily connect with mobile users & home workers, or specialists outside of the business network.

We are Certified Resellers of all conferencing brands suited for small businesses. We can give you independent, unbiased advice on the very best products including Barco, Polycom, Cisco,  Lifesize, Starleaf, BlueJeans and Extron.


We can also offer advice according to the size and configuration of the room, for example:


We can start with a site audit to offer the right advice for high quality audio, video, and content sharing in huddle rooms. We will take into account all the finer details including acoustics, ambient light, physical dimensions and obstructions as well as the likely end-user themselves.


This helps us, and yourself, to start installations with the peace of mind that your new system will work right, everytime! 

The most basic and simple video conferencing solution?


Sure. If your budget and requirements suffice a simple and basic setup - we can show you all the options. We can explore all your options from camera, microphone, audio speakers etc. for the most effective video conferencing setup. 


Cheaper isn't always poor quality, just as expensive isn't always the best. It all boils down to what you want to use the equipment for, where and how often. Just a few of the factors we will cover with you before making the right suggestion.

Maintenance and Support for Small Meeting Rooms

Take a look at our maintenance and support packages. Our preventative maintenance visits can significantly reduce the risk of conferencing equipment failure right before meetings, and during busy periods of high usage.


Get the reactive emergency response you need 'right now'. We'll take away the reasons to panic if at all equipment fails. Call us, or email us and we will dispatch our skilled and DBS-checked engineers to help diagnose, and fix the problem right away, either onsite or remotely if possible.


Rely on us with software and IT support as well - whether you need to reprogram software, can't find appropriate drivers or similar.​



Hassle-free, Basic Installation

We know space and time is a constraint for you - over the years we have learnt how to keep disruption to the minimum, while your employees carry on as normal with their daily routine. Going green is just as important for us - most of our equipment, tools and disposables are provided in recycled cartons and our engineers will carry all the packaging away with them after installation to the recycling units at our offices.

Contact us today for more information about our video conferencing installation service.

Collaboration & Content-sharing solutions for small businesses


Today’s Video Conferencing equipment and systems are very easy to use and don’t require expert knowledge or intensive training. Even then, Video Conference users in the meeting rooms - staff, suppliers, customers, third-parties - must feel comfortable with their use. 


Our installations will include end-user training & overview of how to use and configure the system everytime they use the meeting room- we'll ensure you have the know-how to run the systems on your own, without the need for a manual. Rest assured, we will ensure that your video conferencing system performs as desired, and that your team know how to use them right! 

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