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Avocor + Zoom Rooms: Is This The Winner You've Been Looking For?

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

For those familiar with Zoom Rooms and just how simple it makes your life, here's news. Avocor have teamed up with Zoom Videoconferencing to create Zoom Rooms for Touch.

We love Zoom- they're one of our favourites! They've have positioned themselves as a credible alternative to inflexible, cloud-unfriendly, overpriced legacy hardware room systems. You can set up powerful DIY meeting spaces across the entire organisation.

Video conferencing and online collaboration involves both local and remote participants, therefore adding an Avocor display (which runs on Windows 10) enables a large central visual point in each physical room, and seamlessly integrates with the Zoom Rooms for Touch solution.

So what exactly is the advantage?

They work as one

The Avocor touchscreens come integrated with the full Zoom Room experience - in the box. No setup or installs involved. Power up the panel and you're all set to use Zoom (you still have to login though).

There are interactive options on the panel itself - start a meeting, join a meeting already in progress, or a whiteboarding session, or wirelessly screencast - all from the Avocor panel itself.

For example, start a whiteboard session and simply pick up the Avocor pen (we do love the low latency on these!). If it's a small, private meeting with participants present in the same room - feel free to start without logging into Zoom Rooms.

You will still have the option on screen to turn it into a live Zoom meeting. One tap on the screen and it turns on the webcam on and you've got the additional controls on screen, such as to invite participants.

Feel free to carry on annotating on screen in real time with remote participants, save the screen annotations and share with all participants if you want to. You can also share laptop screen content, and annotate over the top of shared content as you would.

Three Things to Note:

· OPS Slot to allow for an onboard PC for a fully integrated Zoom experience

· InGlass™ touch technology, which reproduces annotation with unmatched precision

· 4K screen resolution to show everything in perfect detail

Want to find out more about interactive touchscreens for the meeting room?

Curious? Have a question? Give us a call to find out more about the Avocor Zoom Room Meeting Experience.

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