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Workplace Wellness: Considered the Role of Technology?

Workplace Wellness Technology integration Success

You workplace wellness strategy cannot exclude the role of technology. Period.

Can you disagree technology plays a vital role in almost every aspect of business? Wellness in the office space and personal development is no different.

Businesses are starting to invest heavily into employee wellness and that includes thinking about how technology plays a role in the holistic wellness strategy.

Wearables and Gamification

Nearly 17% adults in the UK own a wearable—Fitbit, Garmin, Apple, Samsung etc. That number is expected to double within the next three years. Many employers have started taken notice and have begun to structure wellness programs that incorporate these devices.

Wearables are a perfect fit for company wellness programs because the technology promotes tracking progress in a way that doesn’t require a lot of extra effort on the employee’s—or employer’s—part. Progress tracking can promote healthy competition in the workplace too—which is good for moral, inspire teamwork and lead to healthier employees.

Gamification also couples technology and wellness. Gamification includes fitness, healthy diet, and weight loss challenges. Companies use a gamification strategy to motivate employees as well as promote social interaction.

There are countless apps that can track varying fitness statistics that can be used to simplify the gamification process. Utilising wellness apps in the gamification strategy gives companies and employees an easy way to track progress.

New Technology and Wellness Programs

Wearables and gamification are two ways companies can use technology to promote wellness. However, as technology continues to advance, new and effective ways to promote a healthier workplaces are becoming apparent.

Mobile and digital health are growing fields and both mobile and digital technology can be used for the delivery and evaluation of results in wellness programs. The use of mobile technology in a workplace wellness program promotes healthy living both inside and outside the office.

The goal of employee wellness programs is to improve the overall health and wellness of employees, and using mobile technology to promote fitness and health outside the office is essential. The use of digital technology in an employee wellness program is vital because of its ease of use and ability to offer a level of personalization.

AV Technology and Employee Wellness

AV technology, such as telemedicine kiosks, have become useful tools and more so in workplace wellness programs. They have the ability to completely transform how health is monitored in the workplace. These kiosks can be set up in business lobbies or break rooms and provide many useful features.

Some telemedicine kiosks can suggest treatments for minor ailments, offer genetic testing, and provide fitness/activity trackers. For companies that are looking to give employees the tools necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, telemedicine kiosks are exciting additions.

Going beyond employee wellness programs, telemedicine kiosks can actually cater specific medical information—insurance policies, prescription information—to employees, all while maintaining confidentiality.

For companies that are truly committed to promoting wellness for employees, telemedicine kiosks provide multiple benefits other technologies can’t.

The Takeaway

For many businesses, promoting employee wellness has always been a priority. Luckily, technology is now being used to simply and encourage employee wellness more than ever before. Wearable devices, fitness apps, and gamification have all simplified and encouraged workplace wellness.

Also, technology like telemedicine kiosks can provide employees with vital health information to aid in their quest for wellness. While technology continues to shape business, it is also transforming how health and wellness is being monitored in the workplace.

As AV integrators, we look into ways that we can assist our clients in creating wellness spaces where their employees can gain insights and begin their journey towards healthier lifestyles.

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