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How Managed Services Can Provide Worry Free Collaboration

Ok, there’s nothing more frustrating than being cut off in the middle of a sentence by technical issues or the complexity of running diverse audiovisual systems. Nobody needs those moments of embarrassment.

It doesn't, however, have to be that way. Thanks to cloud technology- managed services in AV can bring you the assurance of knowing professionals are taking care of your audiovisual needs.

Benefits of Collaboration and Managed Services

Managed services include an array of IT functions performed by third party professionals to help enterprises manage their IT infrastructure.

These services create an interconnected and unified whole and augment their IT workforce. The host of managed services available come with various benefits such as the following:

Time and cost reduction. Hiring the services of an MSP eliminates the need for acquiring expensive on-site hardware, an investment that can otherwise be allocated for your core business.

MSPs help deploy, monitor, fine-tune, and troubleshoot many, if not all, of your IT networking devices and operations, such as servers, switches, and access points to entire data center operations and collaborative technologies.

If properly executed, managed services save management costs by 40 percent or more and increase efficiencies by 50 to 60 percent.

Increased scalability and flexibility. The needs of modern businesses change rapidly. The as-a-service (aaS) approach offers companies the scalability and flexibility to choose the exact services they need, or to downsize internal functions that are no longer needed.

A good MSP should be able to custom tailor the level of service you need and provide services when you want to expand domestically or internationally or hold events off-site.

This is why technology-dependent companies are leaning towards Audiovisual-as-a-Service (AVaaS) for their AV and collaboration needs.

Enhanced security. Big Data, the Internet of Things, and massive interconnectivity are potential vectors for malicious parties looking to take advantage of security flaws. Keeping an eye over security is a big challenge for internal IT teams.

Even big enterprises are not immune to as evidenced by recent major cyberattacks and breaches. MSPs offer security solutions, such as real-time monitoring, strong authentication, encryption, human resource safeguards, and security training for employees, services that are expensive and time-consuming for internal IT.

MSPs are also familiar with federal and state regulations and compliance standards

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