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We're certified Microsoft resellers to businesses in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex.


What is the Surface Hub?


a large screen, multi-touch device that makes teamwork and collaboration far more effective, easier, and more productive. It is the ideal presentation screen, and video conferencing solution for large meeting rooms, or any space where your people gather to ideate, brainstorm or solve problems. 

How to use the Surface Hub?


Consider the Surface Hub good investment into your meeting rooms, if they still use the same set up as they did in the nineties: a dated projector, flip charts and a basic teleconference/AV solution.


You can potentially replace all the above with the Surface Hub to do the job, while saving space, time and money (on maintenance).


Moreover, today everyone is accustomed to work across devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones, which is where the Surface Hub comes in. 


  • Don't take pictures of flip charts/post-it notes, invest valuable time transcribing them, and send countless emails that end up in tangents.

  • Cut time wasted on setting up unintegrated tools and projectors for meetings.

  • Your teams spend a lot of time travelling to meet other colleagues or even customers – reduce their travel costs and time. Not just people in the room, but remote participants can share the content and collaborate.

  • Explore vast amounts of data and make better decisions - visualise and annotate on-screen in real-time with in-room and remote participants.


Surface Hub is a unique large-screen collaboration device, which allows you to package your meeting proceedings in real-time and share as content. Think of it as a business intelligence visualisation canvas. Did we mention it runs Windows 10 – that’s probably already running on their laptops?

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Most useful Surface Hub features we love.​

  • Runs Windows 10 and tailored for group use, with focus on ink and touch.

  • Connect apps from your personal device and drive them from Microsoft Surface Hub.

  • PowerPoint upload: present with interactive tools, with annotation, highlighting, and laser pointer.

  • Advanced touch can recognise up to 100 touch points with precision- more than one person can use the screen at the same time.

Hassle-free Integration & Installation

Over the years we have installed systems for clients across Norwich (Norfolk), Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex. We keep disruption to the minimum, while your employees carry on as normal with their daily routine. Going green is just as important for us - most of our equipment, tools and disposables are provided in recycled cartons and our engineers will carry all the packaging away with them after installation to the recycling units at our offices.

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According to Forrester*, using Surface Hub can result in a 20% uplift in sales value per customer meeting.

*The Total Economic ImpactTM of Microsoft Surface Hub, Forrester Research, pub. 2016


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Display Resolution

The 84-inch variant has a brilliant 4K display, and the 55-inch variant has a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Both variants support up to 100 points of touch and 3 concurrent pen inking solutions.

Video Conferencing Capabilities

Both 84" and 55" variants are equipped with two 1080p front facing cameras, and four microphone array and stereo speakers. Our tests conclude these should suffice for a large boardroom setup.

Installation Options

Depending on the size of your room, layout and other specifics, you can choose to either mount the screen on the wall, or on a trolley (best if you prefer flexibility).

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