Proactive maintenance & reactive support are critical to IT departments. We know your workload is immense—packed with both long-term projects and putting out fires.


IT departments are tasked with tackling everything from strategic updates to helpdesk requests, app support, and even spending hundreds of hours a year assisting users with how to operate the conferencing systems and equipment, as well as setting up accounts and troubleshooting errors.

Our Tailored Maintenance Services

With our tailored Support Services, we will take responsibility for any aspect of the support you require. Depending upon the SLAs, our services typically cover on-premise or remote support, preventative maintenance, reactive emergency service, remote monitoring, asset management, and reporting with trends analysis.

Top tips for the Most Effective Service Support

When you have a fault to report, or need emergency support, here are some things you can do to ensure we dispatch the right engineer with the right tools for the job, and rectify the fault quickly:

1. Assess the problem.
Before you call for support, identify if it is a user error. Take note of any indicator lights and confirm power and cable connections are stable. If a user was attempting to connect to a system using a specific device, it is advisable to try reproduce the issue with a similar device. It may also be worth having that device available for the on-site service call.

2. Determine when the affected system was last functional. 
To help speedy diagnosis, we recommend establishing the last use? Was someone using it when it stopped working? What did they notice, or what action caused an error? What sources are being used and not used?

3. Establish last system updates.
Unplanned network updates can pose unforeseen challenges if they are rolled out without the knowledge of IT department. We recommend encouraging an accessible log of software, firmware, and network updates.

4. Define the problem.
What is not working? For example, have users reported no audio on the far end or a specific option on the touch panel not responding? It is often that some systems may have features and functionalities that were not set up or programmed into initial system design.


Confirm how the space was supposed to be used and how the equipment is supposed to work in the environment. This will enable you to clearly explain the issue (and, if applicable, the desired solution) as clearly and concisely as possible for the right diagnosis.


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