Large Format Interactive Displays for Video Conferencing Rooms

Count on us for large format interactive screens for corporate video conferencing and meeting rooms. With the right display in place, you can elevate the content-sharing capabilities you provide your employees, including real-time collaboration and decision-making.


Rely on us for fully project-managed supply, installation, support and maintenance. Irrespective of the size and audience intended for your meeting rooms, there is the right technology which we can assist in making the right choice. 


We can also offer comprehensive site surveys. If you are considering replacing your old whiteboards with interactive displays, we can also arrange live demonstrations for your offices.


Choosing Display Screens for Meeting Rooms 


Interactive displays work on a plug and play basis, which means you wouldn't have to regularly recalibrate the display, and save your valuable time. 

In fact, most interactive displays come with in-built operating systems (including Android and Windows), and therefore don’t need to be connected to a PC/Laptop. Think of the screen as your laptop itself, to run your files on.


They are now less expensive to own over time, compared to traditional overhead projectors and whiteboards. They require lesser time to set up before each meeting, and much lesser maintenance because they have very few moving parts and no bulbs or filters to replace. 

While nearly all touchscreen models are now capable of HD content, you can also find 4K capable screens. Most importantly, touchscreens now enable advanced content sharing capabilities, as well as content manipulation and annotation. 


Top 4 Considerations for choosing Large Format Interactive Screens

Operating System: Android-based interactive screens dominate the market with access to apps from the Google Play Store. Android-based devices are able to process and run all MS Office files as well as run other programs typically used at work, and for conferencing/collaboration.


There are other touchscreen brands, which run on Windows 10 and offer the full desktop experience with the added advantage of capacitative touch. Advanced whiteboarding features, can be very helpful to quickly create professional content, regardless of your experience with interactive white boards.  

Screen Size: Choosing the right screen size for your meeting spaces isn't rocket science but can easily be erroneous without the right advice and planning. Start with advice on the right viewing distance, angles, elevation, lighting etc. from your integrator - it may be the case a smaller screen suits your purpose better. 

Content Sharing Capabilities – touchscreens can offer software that enable real time sharing of content (such as presentations), further augmented by BYOD. For example, DisplayNote allows  presenters to share presentations from the screen, directly with all the attendees.


Presenters can choose to speak from their front-of-room touchscreen or walk around the room using the free app that controls content.


Participants at the same time can connect using the app on their iOS, Android or computer to instantly save slides, make notes or be invited to contribute and collaborate in a live session.

Wall Mounted or Trolley: Many clients choose to have their display screens fixed to the wall, while others choose screens on a trolley, which can be wheeled around to other rooms, as and when required. TO make the choice, requires thought and spatial planning for the future.


For offices with less frequently used meeting spaces, it makes sense to invest in a trolley-mounted touchscreen. Wall mounted screen offer greater assurance of frequent usage and room availability.

Our Top-selling Interactive Screen Brands

We are accredited resellers of all major brand of large format touchscreens including Clevertouch, Avocor, Google JamboardPanasonic, Samsung, and more. Have a more specific request? Give us a call. 

Post-installation Training


Display systems running on Android are very easy to use and don’t require expert knowledge or intensive training - same experience as any mobile device.


Still, for full returns on your investment, users - staff, suppliers, customers, third-parties - must feel comfortable with the medium. 


Our installations will include end-user training & overview of how to use and configure the system - we'll ensure you have the know-how to run the systems on your own, without the need for a manual.


Rest assured, we will ensure that your video conferencing system performs as desired, and that your team know how to use them right! 


Hassle-free Installation

Over the years we have learnt how to keep disruption to the minimum, while your employees carry on as normal with their daily routine.


Going green is just as important for us - most of our equipment, tools and disposables are provided in recycled cartons and our engineers will carry all the packaging away with them after installation to the recycling units at our offices.

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