HUDDLE ROOMS: Video Conferencing & Collaboration Equipment for Small Spaces

Huddle spaces are smaller, more personal and informal meeting spaces for your employees - which provide a relaxed environment for your employees compared to a more formal, large conference room setting. 

Interact and ideate freely and more meaningfully; have conversations which may have otherwise taken place over a brew at a coffee shop. Your employees have a private environment within the open-plan of their office floor - for more frequent, spontaneous meetings of smaller groups.


They're more efficient use of space, than large conference rooms being occupied by small groups of people.

Not only are they proven to boost overall and aggregate productivity, they also cost less to outfit with key technology and software. Converting three or four smaller rooms or offices throughout your floorspace into huddle rooms can be more affordable than you think.

For huddle rooms to work successfully, we can bring the right video conferencing and collaboration solutions - please contact us to learn more.

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Secure, High-Speed Conferencing for Huddle Rooms.

Need inspiration? Online content sharing, BYOD along with video conferencing is fast becoming the most preferred combination for small huddle spaces; with technology integrated for convenience.


We can offer the right advice for high quality audio, video, and content sharing. We will take into account all the finer details including acoustics, ambient light, physical dimensions and obstructions as well as the likely end-user themselves.


In small huddle rooms, users need:

  • Secure, high-speed video collaboration, to effectively use available time in meetings

  • High quality connectivity

  • Wireless content sharing capabilities

  • Easy to use technology, which one can use without necessitating prior training.

  • Videoconferencing capability, wireless connectivity, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) capability 


This helps us, and yourself, to start installations with the peace of mind that your new system will work right, everytime! 

Typical Huddle Room Equipment

We fully recognise testing of the recently installed equipment is crucial to the entire process. Our engineers will carry out complete tests and diagnostics to ensure you get what you had in mind in terms of full functionality post-installation.

Post-installation Training


Today’s Video Conferencing equipment and systems are very easy to use and don’t require expert knowledge or intensive training. Still, for full returns on your investment, Video Conference users - staff, suppliers, customers, third-parties - must feel comfortable with the medium. 


Our installations will include end-user training & overview of how to use and configure the system - we'll ensure you have the know-how to run the systems on your own, without the need for a manual. Rest assured, we will ensure that your video conferencing system performs as desired, and that your team know how to use them right! 


Hassle-free Installation

Over the years we have learnt how to keep disruption to the minimum, while your employees carry on as normal with their daily routine. Going green is just as important for us - most of our equipment, tools and disposables are provided in recycled cartons and our engineers will carry all the packaging away with them after installation to the recycling units at our offices.

Contact us today for more information about our installation service.

Polycom Group 310 for Small Rooms

​​The basic setup for high quality video conferencing from Polycom- ideal for smaller meeting rooms, huddle rooms and open plan offices etc.

ClickShare 100 Wireless Presentation for Small Meeting Rooms

The CS-100 is a stand-alone content-sharing unit with HDMI. One-click solution, to share what's on your laptop or mobile screen wirelessly, without any training.

CISCO SX10 Series

All-in-one, IT-friendly standards-based unit. Easy installation, simple and intuitive UI, a high quality video meetings experience, and support for Cisco-level back-end management.

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