Custom Furniture for Meeting & Conferencing Rooms

Furniture for your meeting and collaboration spaces is often overlooked and neglected - making the right choice of furniture is crucial to successful roll-out and deployment.


You may have the right equipment in place, but where users feel fatigue due to a poorly positioned display, or inappropriate desk height - expect these factors to get in the way of conference user adoption.


We can offer the right advice to help you choose furniture, after comprehensive site surveys - these include seating plan, lighting, layout etc.


Furniture for Small Meeting/Huddle Rooms


Specifically designed chairs, sofas and other huddle furniture are custom designed for small spaces, open plan offices and huddle rooms.


Depending upon the number of users and advisable seating layout, huddle room furniture can offer a wide range to choose from – from single seater pods for independents or hot-desking, to modular furniture for multiple users designed for group working.

Huddle room furniture solutions can be customised with  or without desk space - and can be equipped with display screens, power sockets or internet connections, USB and other inputs to support users.


Most manufacturers offer further options including the use of special noise-dissipating fabrics and surfaces to ensure discretion and minimal background noise/disturbance.


Furniture for Large Conference/Boardrooms

Larger furniture sets designed for bigger collaboration spaces like boardrooms and conference rooms,  include a wide range of table-based workspaces with adjoining screen masts as well as integration of wireless sharing.

We can advise you on the right furniture suited for spaces expected to accommodate between 3 to 20 users, and the right integrations such as power sockets, ports and more - for example, USB & HDMI ports and network connection points, wireless media receivers, such as AirMedia™, WePresent™, ClickShare™.


You also have the choice from wide choice of colours and shapes such as Quad, Plectrum, Reverse Plectrum and Teardrop.


Flexibility in mind, options also exist to choose a fixed table or mobile options which easily fold to make more space or to move between rooms.

Hassle-free Furniture Supply & Installation

Over the years we have learnt how to keep disruption to the minimum, while your employees carry on as normal with their daily routine.


Going green is just as important for us - most of our equipment, tools and disposables are provided in recycled cartons and our engineers will carry all the packaging away with them after installation to the recycling units at our offices.

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