DOLBY Quality Audio & Web Conferencing for Productive Meetings.

The Dolby Conference Phone never fails to impress - expect flexibility of use in huddle rooms to conference/meeting rooms and boardrooms - irrespective of size.


Combined with a Dolby Voice enabled service, you get unbeatable audio with more nuance, and most impressively, voice placement that presents each speaker's voice from a distinct location - easier to follow the conversation.

All this and more packed into an elegant design and touch-screen interface to help you with its advanced capabilities.

Irrespective of whether you are a start-up or a global enterprise, prefer hosted or on-premise infrastructure - Dolby Conference Phone can be for your meeting rooms.

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Automatically Adjusts Itself

Full-room pickup captures near and distant voices, and even overlapping speech. Dynamic leveling distinguishes between talkers and background noise.

Simplified User Experience

4.3" display with 480 x 272 resolution​​. Easy to start, join, and run meetings

No Hassle, IT Friendly

Automated deployment tools, app library integrated with leading collaboration services, simplify IT tasks.

Pairs with BlueJeans

Compatible with BlueJeans for Best-in-class Video Conferencing 

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How do Dolby Conference Phones work?

The Dolby Conference Phone was developed to intelligently pick up all voices in the room, irrespective of relative distance of participants. It transmits a clean wideband feed, eliminating unnecessary background noise. Spatial voice separation allows you to clearly hear and discern each person's voice and spoken word, even from a distinct virtual location.


Remote and in-room participants can clearly understand and distinguish who's speaking, eliminating confusion and speeding up your meetings.

It gets better: Dolby voice solutions are designed for flexibility to the size and scale of your room. Dolby Voice can fit in to whatever applications you have in mind, and offer feature parity across desktop, mobile, and in-room capability.

Standard IP Telephony

Being a dualmode device, you can choose application of the Dolby Conference Phone as an endpoint for Dolby Voice enabled services, or an SIP phone for IP telephony environments


The phone can effortlessly deliver wideband communications in standard IP telephone calls, and the full Dolby Voice experience is availble with the Dolby Voice enabled conferencing service.

Dolby Voice Mode Features


One-touch meeting start via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection on supported partner apps for the phone (currently BlueJeans and Highfive).

Preconfigured access to Dolby Voice enabled conferencing services (no need to dial access phone number).

One-touch meeting start when phone is in personal mode.

IP connection to Dolby Voice enabled conferencing services.

Voice separation: captures all the voices in the room and maintains separation of voices through the server to Dolby Voice enabled endpoints; places individual remote conference participants in distinct virtual locations in the room.

Viewable roster of meeting attendees and active speaker.

Touch-screen meeting management: mute/unmute and eject participants, lock meeting.


BlueJeans Integration with Dolby Conference Phone


Looking for a premium video conferencing setup? Pair your Dolby Conference Phone with BlueJeans for the ideal video solution. Get the advantage of easy setup, control and management by putting the Dolby Conference Phone in any BlueJeans Room.

Curious? If you are interested in Dolby Voice or the Dolby Conference Phone, give us a call and we can walk you through the finer details.


Full Specifications of Dolby Conference Phone


What can a basic Dolby Conference setup look like? 

Fully customisable by brand / technology best suited to your requirements.

  • 1x Dolby Voice Conference Phone

  • 1x Huddly GO HD Meeting Camera

  • 1x 65” FHD/4K Commercial Display

  • 1x Chief LSM1U Mount

  • 1x Top-Tec Plectrum Collaboration table

Audio & Microphones


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