Audio & Microphones for Video Conferencing Setups

Microphones, Ceiling Speakers, room audio, desk audio and more.


The right choice in audio systems, microphones and amplification is critical to meeting & conferencing spaces fit-for-purpose.


Whether in a small huddle room group, big conference rooms, or an auditorium hosting conferences with international attendees.

Often we overlook the audio component of video conferencing - the wrong type or specification of audio equipment, incompatibility with networks, and room acoustics can dissuade users, and interfere in seamless communication.


What audio are you looking for? Meetings with remote participants and those connecting in form abroad, telephone conferences made possible from mobile offices, large-scale live communications with investors and the press with zero margin for error —sounds all too familiar? 

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Microflex series table array microphones for small meeting rooms and huddle spaces. Easy configuration of presets, and intelligently rejects overhead HVAC and fan noise.


MICROFLEX series ceiling microphones can be suspended or flush-fitted to the ceiling. 8 separate lobes to capture sound sources accurately from above. Ideal for mid-sized to large video conference spaces.


TeamConnect Wireless range is portable, easy to setup and start online meetings in any room. Non-wireless options also available.


SP Series lightweight, portable speakerphones for setting up calls or group conferences, whenever and wherever convenient.


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Your Microphone Choices.

Typically, we can help with the following mic systems:


Desk/Gooseneck Microphones: most common in large boardrooms and conference spaces, where each individual seat necessitates its own dedicated microphone instead of relying on a few microphones to receive every single speakers voice.

Not recommended for small setups, and also for spaces with minimal desk surfaces due to the clutter they can add in numbers.  


Ceiling Microphones: either suspended from the ceiling like a chandelier, or embedded into the ceiling to minimise clutter. Most common because of their efficiency - great for picking up voices across the whole room without clutter and wires on your desk/table.

Wireless Microphone for Video Conferencing: as the name suggests they are a turnkey solution - designed for quick setup (in less than a minute), and allow any user to start a professional-sounding online meeting in any room.

Conference phones: Most speakerphones have color touch screens, and generally employ 360 degree microphones just like ceiling mics. Generally stand alone and allow users to control everything from the touch screen itself. With VoIP phones, you can expect UC integrations, Bluetooth, ERP integrations and run multiple lines from a single device. 

Installed Audio Systems: Typically within large, high spec setups for meeting rooms, including display, presentation systems and wireless sharing. We can integrate a system (including audio conferencing processors) to include wireless microphones, audio outputs (speakers) as well as other audio peripherals for a fully equipped meeting and collaboration experience.



Integrated Speaker & Microphone Systems

Your investment into effective meeting & collaboration spaces can be hindered by the 'one-size-fits-all' approach.


We can help you choose the right equipment depending on the size of your conference room, the size of the table and typical seating arrangements, acoustic limitations of the room, and also user specific requirements such as mute functions for individual mics in small setups.

This also means you do not waste precious resources into what you do not need. For example, a huddle room or small conference room audio system doesn’t need an expensive multi-point wireless setup, or individual goose neck microphones.

Similarly large conference room/boardrooms will likely necessitate ceiling recessed speakers and desktop microphones. You also have the option of wireless speaker and microphone combination. 

Making the right choice starts with a site-survey to understand the physical characteristics of the room itself, the users themselves as well as your specific needs and budget.

Hassle-free Installation

We're audio experts, irrespective of the room size or format. We can install the right wireless conferencing microphone and speakers as and when convenient for you.


Over the years we have learnt how to keep disruption to the minimum, while your employees carry on as normal with their daily routine.


Going green is just as important for us - most of our equipment, tools and disposables are provided in recycled cartons and our engineers will carry all the packaging away with them after installation to the recycling units at our offices.

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