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What's the best camera for my conference room?

We get this question a lot, and often decisions are made on the basis of cost alone - expensive being equal to 'better". However, we partly disagree - sure, quality demands it's price, but other factors are equally important to ensure you have a fully-functional system and hassle-free user experience.


We can advise you on the right camera to go with your existing video conferencing equipment or a brand new setup. We recommend the right equipment depending on factors such as room size, seating plans, ambient light etc.


Whether your require a single box, or we work with you to design & install dedicated video camera systems right for your spaces - rest assured they will be carefully selected & tailored to your needs and specification.

Types of Video Conferencing Cameras 

Typically, we categorise video conferencing cameras in two ways:


USB Cameras: these are most commonly found on webcams and stand-alone camera units, and are popular for small meeting rooms and spaces used by small businesses.


USB conferencing cameras offer a compelling combination of performance and low cost - no need for special drivers thanks to the USB video device class or UVC specification on Windows and Mac PCs and notebooks, and are supported by all PC-based conferencing software and applications.


These avantages make them the de-facto standard within the 'PC conferencing' application.


Dedicated Video Devices: whose sole purpose is to facilitate video conferencing. They are not PCs or laptops, but can run multiple applications, and may require IT involvement. They require far less space than the dedicated PC option, and video is consistent, high quality.


In fact, many devices allow setting up a calendar right on the video device i.e. just invite the room to your meeting, select it from the calendar, and that’s it!


In all honesty, all of these connectivity methods are absolutely viable. The question is what type of camera makes the most sense – both for today and for tomorrow.

Choosing The Right Camera: Top 8 Factors to consider

COST: Worth thinking about how many spaces you utilise for conferencing and collaboration, or plan to roll out in the future. When you have large volumes of rooms, cost becomes a major deciding factor.


Pro Tip  Ensure your cost analysis considers not just the price tag, but also the value (in terms of features, functionality, the overall experience provided, etc.) of the spend.

SHELF OR WALL MOUNT? This depends upon the outcomes of a site-survey. Sometimes you may get away with a simple shelf, but in other cases your installation engineer can advise wall-mounted cameras where appropriate, for example, in room with high seating capacity.


IMAGE QUALITY: Sounds like an obvious but often the finer detail is overlooked. Image quality includes numerous considerations such as video resolution (e.g., 4K, 1080p, etc.) and supported frame rate (e.g., 30 fps) supported.


PIXEL UTILISATION video cameras are often measured by the number of pixels on their image sensor, but also consider how those pixels are used - capture people’s faces brings more value than using pixels to capture the ceiling, the floor, etc.


ZOOM QUALITY for solutions that support digital zoom and not optical, consider whether the image quality remains acceptable when zoomed-in to capture a specific person (this depends on size and capacity of the room).


LIGHT COMPENSATION - the ability for the video camera to compensate for difficult lighting conditions such as too much or too little light or back-lighting. 

ROOM COVERAGE: Think about the physical space itself and seating positions. For example, larger meeting rooms with long, bowling-alley meeting room tables, as opposed to huddle rooms which can vary in shapes and sizes.


In many cases, huddle room meeting participants are seated very close to the front of the room which often results in people sitting off-camera.

FLEXIBILITY: Depending on the size of the room, coverage, lighting conditions and seating arrangements, choose either Fixed Cameras (e.g. webcams), which typically support digital pan / tilt / zoom (ePTZ), or 'Motorised cameras' with motorised pan / tilt and either digital or optical zoom.



Our Top-selling Cameras

We are accredited resellers of all major brands of video peripherals including conference cameras by Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize, Logitech and more. Have a more specific request? Give us a call. 

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Hassle-free Installation

Over the years we have learnt how to keep disruption to the minimum, while your employees carry on as normal with their daily routine.


Going green is just as important for us - most of our equipment, tools and disposables are provided in recycled cartons and our engineers will carry all the packaging away with them after installation to the recycling units at our offices.

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Post-installation Training


Today’s Video Conferencing equipment and systems are very easy to use and don’t require expert knowledge or intensive training. Still, for full returns on your investment, Video Conference users - staff, suppliers, customers, third-parties - must feel comfortable with the medium. 


Our installations will include end-user training & overview of how to use and configure the system - we'll ensure you have the know-how to run the systems on your own, without the need for a manual. Rest assured, we will ensure that your video conferencing system performs as desired, and that your team know how to use them right! 


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